#1 Established Walkable Urban Place in DFW | The Garden District

As the nation undergoes structural shifts, the demand for “walkable urbanism” is transforming the way cities will change and create their built environments, including housing, workplaces, cultural facilities, and even sports facilities. Walkable communities are getting more attention from both homebuyers and companies who crave the lifestyle. In addition to convenience, these places offer unexpected benefits to our health, environment, finances, and communities. From a business perspective, these communities also bring talent and stimulate productivity.

Cities throughout Texas and the rest of the nation have witnessed the success of present walkable communities and see the endless benefits towards developing these walkable urbanisms. Now it is up to metropolitan areas to take action and adapt to the new ways in order to stay ahead and continue to thrive. Luckily, Southlake Town Square saw this trend coming years ago thus making it one of the most walkable communities in all of Texas. In fact, Southlake Town Center was recently recognized as the #1 Metropolitan Dallas-Fort Worth Established Walkable Urban Places or WalkUPs, by D Magazine.

One unique feature D Magazine brings up is “although Southlake Town Center is all new construction, it still follows an old model by placing its town hall at its heart.” This coincides with the old walkable urban city model as developments where walking is the primary means of getting places were around 9,500 years ago. The developers of Southlake Town Square blended the historical meaning and the modern appeal of “walkable urbanism” and created an impeccable town. This town is now home to some of the most desirable properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and we are proud to say The Parkview Residences are amongst the finest.

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