September Construction Update - The Parkview Residences at Southlake Town Square

The building is now at a stage where most things being completed are finish items. The countertops for the Conference Room, the bathrooms in the second floor amenity area, and the Club Room kitchen are all being installed. It will take a few days to get all of these counters installed and allow for final clean up in these areas.



The lobby is the most complicated area in the whole building. They are now finishing the final install of specialty tile at the entry from the front of the building and the entries to the lobby from the garages. The framing walls outside each entry to the lobby from the parking garages are having reglets installed to give this area a particularly special finish. The doors to the lobby from the parking garages have been wired for the door release system for entry to the lobbies. Owners will be using a fob to access these doors for security purposes. Additionally, the car charging stations have now been set in both the north and south garage for those who have electric vehicles.



The special sconces for the hallways have been delivered to the building, and are being readied for installation as all the decorative framing in the hallways finishes up.

The two rooftop entertaining prep rooms have had millwork set, floors installed, and countertops installed. Next will be countertops for the grills on the roof.

We have placed ebonite looking stone throughout the Club Room, including the special serving counter, the back shelf of the counter near the refrigerator, and the counter that is part of the cabinet housing for the flat screen television, which will be installed in a few days.



Handmade tile, the final finish necessary to complete the mailroom, has now been installed. Additional wall coverings are being added to the lobby, which will be framed to provide another unique design interest in this welcoming space. Decorative sconces have been installed at the lobby entrance from the parking garage as well.



Finally, we include a picture of the hallway art lights installed in the picture framed wall areas. This will ensure a special arrival experience from the moment you walk in until you reach your front door.


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