The Parkview Residences Sales Center Opening | The Garden District

We are pleased to announce the official opening of our NEW Parkview Residences Sales Center. Last week’s launch event brought Southlake community members, potential buyers, and local realtors through our doors to experience Parkview living firsthand.

Guests sipped wine selected by our in-house sommelier, Chris Machold, as they toured the new kitchen and bathroom vignettes. In addition to the high-quality standard features and appliances these condominiums will enjoy, the kitchen and bathroom vignettes are also equipped with all countertop and cabinet hardware options available to Parkview owners to personalize their space. The large California Closet installation was also a big hit with attendees, who got to see and feel the organization and storage options they could install in the his-and-hers closets of their Southlake condominium.

In the luxurious lobby experience, 1940s-inspired design elements come together with modern touches to create a lounge seating area worthy of envy. From the light fixtures to the wall paint to the plush sofa and armchairs, this corner of the Sales Center recreates the look and feel of The Parkview Residences’ lobby, providing visitors with a chance to soak in the essence of Parkview living.

Parkview’s new floor plans were on display, hung at eye level next to the large floor plate with bright red “SOLD” magnets distinguishing the 22 units belonging to future happy homeowners from the 14 condominiums available for sale. Our new neighborhood map graced another wall, marking all the shops and restaurants just steps from The Parkview Residences in Southlake Town Square.

With over 70 attendees, the Sales Center launch was a huge success. Now that we are open, we encourage you to stop by from 12pm-5pm and see the space for yourself. If you are looking for luxury real estate in Southlake, contact our sales team today. Our experienced team will be able to answer any of your questions, and are happy to discuss the countless advantages to life in The Parkview Residences.

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