Meet The Team: The Architect | The Parkview Residences

Want to see behind the scenes in the making of The Parkview Residences?

We’d like to introduce you to Michael C. Swartz, principal of David M. Schwarz Architects, the firm responsible for Parkview’s stunning design. We’ve asked Michael a series of questions to get to know him a bit more, and gain insight into his vision for Southlake’s first – and only – luxury condominiums.

David Schwartz Architect Parkview Residences Dallas Condos

Q: How long have you been with David M. Schwarz Architects?
A: 35 years. I started working at David M. Schwarz in 1983.

Q: How many years have you been working as an architect?
A: 38 years.

Q: What’s your role in the making of The Parkview Residences?
A: I am the Principal & Project Manager.

Q: What are some of the unique architectural details of the building?
A: The entry court/private courtyard that is recessed off the street. Another unique detail is the bay projections that modulate along Central Ave and frame the spacious stacked porches.

Q: Aside from The Parkview Residences, what are some of the other projects you’ve worked on?
A: Masterplan for Southlake Town Square and the surrounding commercial buildings, Southlake Town Hall, Tarrant County Family Law Center, and West Village in Dallas.

Parkview Residences Dallas Condos David Schwartz Architect

Credit: Steve Hall with Hall + Merrick

Q: Where do you pull design inspiration from?
A: Places that I visit, architecture books that I read, and sometimes just walking down the street.

Q: What is the best part about your job?
A: Working with the many great clients that we have and getting to collaborate with our talented staff.

Q: Last, but not least, what is a little known fact about you?
A: I can name of all the one-hit-wonder bands from the 60s and early 70s when their songs come on the radio.

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