July Construction Update - The Parkview Residences at Southlake Town Square

We are now getting a first look at our completed building entry. The last of the column work will be completed this week, and scaffolding will be taken down to allow entry pavers to be placed and final landscaping to be completed in this area.

Underlay padding is down and in place on floors two and three, and hallway carpeting is underway. It is almost eerie how quiet the interiors are now compared to the construction outside, thanks to the sound attenuation from the carpet. Its inlaid design adds a warm and inviting feel as you move about the building and to and from your home.

Masons are finishing the tile grouting at the elevator lobbies on all floors, and we have started to install the special wall coverings that add an air of sophistication to our common spaces.

We have installed special lighting in the yoga room to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. We think everyone will be pleased with the selection, and look forward to showing it to you.

Final exterior lighting is being installed as well. These fixtures will be tested to ensure they give our building the right look and feel as The Parkview Residences becomes part of the neighborhood. It is subtle, calm, and inviting.

We hope you have a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. Tonight’s fireworks at Southlake Town Square begin at 9:30pm. While Bicentennial Park will be closed, the fireworks height will be doubled this year to allow for better visibility, making it easy to watch from just about anywhere in Southlake.

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