January 2020 Construction Update - The Parkview Residences at Southlake Town Square

This week, the construction crew has taken down the wall climber on the south side of the building and packed it up for return to the yard.


There is just a little stonework to touch up on the south side of the building and they will be done with the brick and stone there. The entry portico steel is being placed and the portico is starting to come to life.


The fencing around the building will be taken down shortly as we prepare the flat work around the building, which will include putting in the sidewalks, repairing the roads, and building the entryways to the north and south garage entries. Outside lighting to the building has been tested in a few areas and approved, and will continue to evolve as we get ready to light up. The brickwork to the open windows of the parking garage is almost done, and the decorative steel latticework for the other openings is in production.


Look forward to an update on Parkview’s interiors next month!

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