Interview with Ian MacLean of Highland Landscaping

The Garden District’s Chris Machold recently got the chance to interview Ian MacLean, President of Highland Landscaping, about his design of Southlake’s new Oval Park. The public park, located directly across from The Garden District’s Meeting Street Brownstones, is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and provides a unique opportunity to experience a variety of plants native to Texas. 

“In the park, there are over 50 different species of native and adaptive plants that are water wise and drought tolerant, requiring very little supplemental irrigation and care,” said MacLean. “Almost all the plant species are evergreen, and we specifically identified species that provide interest at various points throughout the year, so the experience you have is different with each season that you come to visit.”

This diversity is most evident in the Oval Park’s arboretum, which was inspired by MacLean’s trip to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden during the design phase of the project. The arboretum includes a unique variety of textures, from the variegated yuccas and purple winter creepers to the Mexican winter grass and the spineless prickly pear.


To further engage Oval Park visitors, the Highland Landscaping team used boulders and granite paths to invite people off the sidewalk and have an intimate experience with the landscape. “There are boulders to sit on, read a book, wait for a friend – or take a selfie,” MacLean laughed. “It really engages you more intimately, as you experience the park in the way you wouldn’t normally experience the park on a bench or sidewalk.”

The Oval Park is one of the most innovative designs that Highland Landscaping has done to date. By incorporating native and adaptive species into a classic, formal park design, MacLean and his team have created a truly unique experience. “Of the many projects we’ve done,” said MacLean, “this is absolutely one of our favorites.”

Highland Landscaping has been in business for 13 years, the majority of which has been spent doing residential and commercial installations in Southlake. For MacLean, this made his work on The Garden District’s Oval Park a special achievement. “We’re going to be able to bring our kids to this park, and our grandkids to this park,” he said. “It’s permanently a part of Southlake and its history. It is such an honour to work on this park in The Garden District.”

To learn more about Highland Landscaping’s vision for the Oval Park, watch this clip from Chris’ interview with Ian MacLean. And of course, come visit The Garden District’s Oval Park the next time you’re in Southlake!


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