Dallas Housing Market Named Third Most Searched The U.S.

The Dallas housing market was named the third hottest in all of the U.S. for online home searches in February, according to a recent report. This flurry of search activity is being mirrored in sales, as realtors and developers are seeing record-breaking traffic to Dallas’ newly listed homes.

“Not only are buyers searching for homes here, they are buying,” said Candy Evans in her latest Candy’s Dirt article. “We’re definitely hearing that from our sources, who say that in some areas of Dallas, homes are flying off the market and are still selling at above asking.”

Dallas was the only city from Texas to make the Top 20 list of most searched housing markets, which was published online on Realtor.com and Developer Magazine, coming in just under San Francisco and San Jose. For cities like Dallas who made the list, real estate listings are viewed 2 to 5 times more often than the national average, and homes move off the market 44 to 78 days faster than elsewhere in the U.S. “These are the places that are head and shoulders hotter than the rest of the country—and they’re also accelerating,” said Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for Realtor.com.

With increasing demand for Dallas area homes and lower mortgage rates in recent weeks, real estate experts are advising prospective buyers to move quickly. At The Garden District, our recent flurry of sales has left only a few Meeting Street Brownstones for sale and seen another handful of condominiums at the Parkview Residences get snapped up. Contact our sales team today to learn more about owning a home at The Garden District before they are gone!

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