Construction Is Underway | The Garden District At Southlake Town Square

We are excited to announce that construction of The Parkview Residences is officially underway. While renovations continue at our Sales Center, which is being refreshed to focus exclusively on our condominium offering, crews have been hard at work at the official site of The Parkview Residences. We have documented our construction progress over the past couple weeks and are thrilled to share the details with those eagerly awaiting Southlake’s first – and only – luxury condominiums.

Immediately after our builders got the “go-ahead,” construction workers arrived on site to remove the commercial lot lights and mark the exterior perimeters of the new development. Once the lights were removed, a new wire fence was placed around the construction zone. Although it was pouring down rain in Southlake, the workers persevered and completed the job. Afterward, massive bulldozers and dump trucks came to excavate concrete in the former parking lot. Once the concrete was removed, the dedicated workers focused on clearing large rocks and unwanted debris. A few days later, the lot was transformed into a leveled area ready for building.

Witnessing such steady progress on The Parkview Residences has been a real joy. With the building already over 60% sold, the future residents are thrilled to receive these updates as well. The Parkview Residences are going to be extraordinary, and we are proud to be supported by such a dedicated team of builders, developers, construction workers, designers, and more. Be sure to stay up to date with Parkview’s progress by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

If you are thinking about living in The Garden District, steps away from Southlake Town Square, contact our sales team today. Our experienced team will be able to answer any of your questions, and are happy to discuss the countless advantages to life in The Parkview Residences.

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