A Full (Condo) Circle: Say Hello to Laura and Johnny Campanello - The Parkview Residences at Southlake Town Square

Laura and Johnny Campanello are Texas natives who have called Southlake home for 20 years. Now empty nesters, these high school sweethearts are eager to share why they purchased a condominium at The Parkview Residences, and what they love most about The Garden District at Southlake Town Square.


Q: Tell us about yourselves. How long have you known one another, and have you always called Texas home?

We were high school sweethearts and have known each other since we were 16 years old. However, we went to different high schools and grew up 300 miles apart. We eloped the summer after graduating high school.

Laura’s family has been around this area for a long time. Her grandfather, Dr. Edwin G. Schwarz, was the first pediatrician in Fort Worth and started the first children’s hospital that today is Cook Children’s. Laura grew up in the retail business. Laura’s parents owned a chain of department stores called Myers, and she ran the cash register and did things around the store from an early age.

Johnny grew up in Galveston, Texas. His family was in the shrimping business and he started working with his dad when he was 8 years old. When they were in college at Texas A&M, Johnny and Laura sold shrimp from family boats in Galveston to restaurants in Bryan College Station.


Q: And what do you do now?

Laura is a homemaker and Family CEO. Johnny is a Senior Vice President Wealth Management Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Southlake, where he leads the Campanello Wealth Management Group.


Q: Where do you currently reside, and what made you choose to purchase a condominium at The Parkview Residence in Southlake Town Square?

We have lived in Southlake since 1998 when we moved to Versailles, a neighborhood about 1 mile from The Parkview Residences.

As empty nesters, we were drawn to purchasing a condominium at The Parkview Residences because it meant less home to take care of, and a great selection of quality amenities to enjoy. We are also excited for the convenience of living in Town Square and being able to easily walk to the parks, restaurants, and stores. We believe Parkview will come to be known as the landmark residential building in Southlake. It is being built to last, and it will only get better with time as Town Square continues its careful build out plans. With only 36 units, the building isn’t too big, so we believe it will have a nice family feel where neighbors are able to enjoy each other’s company.


Q: Have you lived in a condominium before? What about condo living are you most looking forward to?

We lived in a condo when we first got married back in 1982, and joke that we started in a condo and will end in a condo. Condo living is great because you can lock and leave and don’t have to worry about maintenance, which is ideal when you travel as much as we do. Parkview’s various amenities, like the workout and yoga room and the outdoor rooftop areas, are outstanding. As you can imagine, this condo is much nicer than our first. Finally, we are excited to meet other residents and build life-long friendships with them.


Q: What is so special about Southlake Town Square?

We realize how lucky we are to live in a city with a unique crown jewel like Town Square. What we like most is that the area wasn’t just thrown together haphazardly, but instead carefully thought out over time to make it what it is today: the most walkable neighborhood in DFW, with an unparalleled array of shops, restaurants, and services. The Parkview Residences will only add to the authentic charm of Southlake Town Square, and we’re confident this property will become a symbol of the City of Southlake as well.


Q: Do you have any favorite shops and restaurants in Southlake Town Square?

We spend a lot of time and money here (LOL!). There are too many to name. We eat and shop regularly in Town Square, probably two to three times a week.



Q: You mentioned being empty nesters now. How old are your children, and where do they live?

We have two grown children, Lauren (30) and Bryan (27). Lauren lives in Fort Worth and is a financial advisor with Johnny at Merrill Lynch. Bryan lives in Tulsa and is working on getting his pilot’s license. He is also a professional poker player.


Q: With Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport less than 10 minutes away from Southlake, it will be a treat to leave your lock and leave condominium home to venture off on a journey. Where was the last place you traveled to on vacation, and where are you looking forward to traveling in the next year?

We have a timeshare with Marriott in Newport Beach, CA and like to go there a few times a year because we love the area and can take our miniature Labradoodle Toby with us. He loves the beach!

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